Hello fellow Rookies! Welcome back to Producer! Spring is in the air, cherry blossoms are in bloom, and the buds of love are slowly unfurling. Now that the major players have been introduced, join Tiara, Logan, and me, Cici, as we discuss the newest developments.

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Cici: Can I just say how adorable Seung Chan is? How could anyone not like him?

Tiara: I'm madly in love with him. He's still wet behind the ears, but it’s his frankness and sincerity which will gain him relationships and contracts in this line of work. The scene with him and Cindy’s CEO was hilarious. He doesn’t have any social skills, but he makes up for it in honesty. The fact he was capable to stand his ground against the she-beast was amazing. How can you not be in love with him?

Logan: Agreed! He is a hero that we can all root for. Even Ye Jin and Joon Mo, who were out to get him when we last left off, have softened toward him. Especially Ye Jin who is seeing how sincere and kind he is. I love how she was able to spot right away that he is in love with Hye Joo and how in the same manner Seung Chan can tell that Ye Jin is in love with Joon Mo.

Cici: He is naive, yet so perceptive. I love how he jumps in and does little things to help without being asked. My heart melted a little when he carried Ye Jin’s package for her because she had hurt her wrist. It was funny how Joon Mo reacted, telling her to do it herself, and Seung Chan had to explain to him that she had hurt herself and was in pain. So sweet!

Tiara: Joon Mo better watch out, Ye Jin could change her feelings if he’s too late. Seung Chan understands her one-sided crush. In ways, he wants to protect her from being hurt. The friendship blooming between these two is a highlight. If only Ye Jin could be tab nicer. However, I would wish to view more of drunken Seung Chan. Who knew the kid had it in him to talk to his noona and Sunbae like that. The sweet and polite Seung Chan got to take a vacation. He could take more vacations because I kind of like sassy Seung Chan.


Logan: Joon Mo isn’t a horrible guy, though. As soon as he found out that Ye Jin had hurt her wrist he went to check on her and gave the line that melted my heart a bit when she told him he didn’t care and he responded “I always care.” It really seems that he does have some feelings toward her too. He’s always been there for her when she needs him. Maybe Seung Chan will be the catalyst that makes him own up to those feelings. And I have to agree, I did love drunk Seung Chan.

Cici: It’s interesting how both Joon Mo and Ye Jin seem to realize that there’s a fine line between friendship and love. Joon Mo seems to think that they’ve been friends for so long that they no longer think of each other as a man and a woman. Ye Jin’s brother, on the other hand, encourages her relationship with him, telling her that a man doesn’t keep a woman by his side for so long unless he has some feelings for her. She is afraid that she is the type of person that men get tired of easily, yet that hasn’t happened with Joon Mo. I can’t wait for him to realize how much she cares for him.


Tiara: Logan, you’re right about Joon Mo. He melted my heart when he opened all the lids for Ye Jin. It was sweet of him to think of her injure wrist. You’re correct Cici about friendship and love. These two have grown up together and done mostly everything. Joon Mo clearly cares for her, but not enough to either confess or take the next step with her. Perhaps he’s afraid of losing his best friend. Whatever his reasons may be, he might miss the window of opportunity. Yes, Ye Jin has done everything in her ability to sabotage her past relationships because of her feelings for Joon Mo. However, she could finally learn to move on from him since he doesn’t want to move forward. Seung Chan will probably help Joon Mo gain the courage to confess. I’m simply questioning if it will be too late and if the confession will be worth it by that point.

Logan: I find their friendship very relatable. I honestly think that Joon Mo has never considered the possibility of romance between Ye Jin and him. It’s clear he has feelings for her. I mean, he runs to be there for her every time she gets dumped, but it seems it’s always been something that was off-limits since they were friends. I think once he realizes it is a possibility that things will become really clear to him. Hopefully it’s not too late. As much as I’ve been trying to avoid it, it’s happened and I have to admit that I’m totally shipping this couple. They’re my Producer OTP.

Cici: Well, I have faith in Seung Chan. He is like heat--he’s a universal catalyst, able to make chemistry happen between two inert substances, lol. I really loved the effect he had on Cindy. Yes, it was amazing the way he stood up to her CEO/Mom, but what was more impressive was the way he got to Cindy before that. The whole umbrella incident was just his foot in the door. The fact that he researched the effect that appearing on variety shows had on other celebrities showed that he sincerely wanted to offer her an opportunity, not just take advantage of her. He gave her the ammunition she needed to be able to stand up to her Mom.

Tiara: I do believe Seung Chan should be the research guy for PDs. He’s very good at researching past variety programs. It’s part of Seung Chan’s charm. His scene with Cindy about being on the show reminded me of him talking to Yeo Jung from the second episode. But this time, he was able to explain himself in such away he was able to convince her to join the show. He’s still a rookie, only you can understand how much growth he’s gotten from the first lecture.

Logan: The Seung Chan chemistry analogy is cute and so true! He really does go well with anyone. I love the interactions between him and Cindy. Yes, she plans to use him, but I don’t doubt that she’s going to end up with some real feelings for him real soon. It is clear that she has been looking for someone that can see her as she is and Seung Chan is clearly very perceptive about those kinds of things. I know these love connections are just beginning to form, but I’d really love to see them as a couple. I think they’d really balance each other out well.

Cici: Yes, I’m already shipping those two. I thought it was pretty funny how Cindy was bragging to her assistant how she could make Seung Chan fall for her. By the last scene beneath the umbrella, it certainly looked like it was turning out the other way around. The cutest thing is that Seung Chan does it all by just being his sweet, caring, perceptive self. I think he’s driving Cindy a little crazy because he’s actively not trying to seduce her. He is the only one not putting on an act.


Tiara: Seung Chan textingand calling Cindy to prompt her to return the umbrella was entertaining. Cindy is used to being the center of attention. She’s not use to someone not making her feel special. She’s not my favorite character, but she’s showing us a more personal side of her which is making her a bit more likable. Sadly, I haven’t picked a romance line. Largely, the romance could work either direction. The drama is doing a fantastic job of setting up the possibilities with anyone. I’m relishing the ride to see which couple will form and which will convert. There is still more story to tell until the end and anything could happen.


Cici: Right now I’m enjoying the subtle character development. Did you catch the way Cindy Googled, “He wants me to return the umbrella. What does that mean?” She’s so used to being used, she really doesn’t know what to make of someone who contacts her for such a simple request. That made me smile, but it also gave me hope that the Ice Queen may be melting a little. See? Seung Chan is heat.

Logan: I thought that scene made her so relatable. Even though she’s developed a cold exterior, she’s still a girl practically. Looking to the Internet because she doesn’t have anyone else she can talk to, it was cute.

Cici: I’m also loving how the more experienced staff members keep trying to set Seung Chan up for failure, yet he just goes and does what they tell him to do. He did it with Yeo Jung, he did it running errands for Ye Jin, and he did it again with Cindy. I suspect that they didn’t think he would even have a way to contact her, not realizing that he was one of the few people to whom she had actually given her number. I may have had a slight fist-pumping moment when he was successful. But I’ve got to admit, the fails were what had me rolling on the floor.


Cici: The way Seung Chan was “erasing” the tapes with white-out was one of my favorites!


Cici: On a side note, aren’t the cameos fantastic? I admit I squeed just a little when Jang Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee appeared as Ye Jin’s ex-boyfriends. Note to self: Be sure to stick around for the epilogue. It's not over till it's over!

Tiara: It’s lovely to see Seung Chan become one of the group. He’s going to continue to be the rookie until a new rookie takes his seat. For now, he’s making a name for himself as a PD. The cameos are pretty awesome. JYP had me rolling. He was faking his video freezing up was funny. The best part was Joon Mo knowing the whole thing was fake hysterical.

Logan: The cameos are so great! Seeing EXID dance in prison and having Dara as part of the cast and the one plotting against Cindy is so much fun. I loved the sequence with Ye Jin’s ex-boyfriends and the fact that they were Jang Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee. You know she must really really love Joon Mo to be so focused on him while dating those hotties!

3-4_Exes meme.jpg

Cici: Well, all in all, it was a very entertaining week. It’s fun to have a drama that takes a different approach, while still including some of the story lines that we already know and love. I’m looking forward to the twists and turns that are sure to come in the next few episodes!

Tiara: It’s definitely the beginnings of beautiful friendship(s).

Well, Rookies, what do you think? Will Ye Jin and Joon Mo realize the depth of their feelings for each other in time to become a real couple? Will Cindy's Ice Queen heart be thawed by Seung Chan's heat? And will the new format for the show be enough to save it? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to join us next time for another week of Producers!

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