Remember the adorable Korean-American kids who interrupted their professor dad's serious online interview with BBC and made themselves the viral story around the world? Now, you can see them at home on The Return of Superman's newest episode. Find out what happens beyond the door of Professor Robert Kelly's office.

On March 10, Robert E. Kelly, a political analyst and an associate professor of international relations at Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea, was online with BBC and ready to discuss South Korean President Park Geun Hye's impeachment and the impact. Lo and behold, a pair of adorable kids came into his office and wanted to see their daddy. 

Forget politics and world affairs! Soon the viral video of the unexpected interview grabbed the attention of worldwide viewers.

While the Kelly family became the focus under the spotlight in the immediate aftermath, things have finally settled down recently. Nevertheless, Professor Kelly, his wife Jung-a Kim, and children Marion (Yena) and James (You Sup), are making a special appearance In the newest episode of The Return of Superman, a reality show about celebrity dad and their kids in their daily lives.

You'll finally see what the home looks like beyond the professor's home office. Their home is almost completely devoted to the children's activities. You'll see how active the adorable kid are and how fast they move around. No wonder they were able to quickly evade their mom's attention and invade their dad's office during that famous interview. You'll also see what happens when the family gets together to share snacks and playtime.

For more, watch episode 133 of The Return of Superman here. (The Kelly family's segment starts at 24:00.)


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BTW, you can also read about the professor's serious political discussion in his blog.

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