Is this an April Fool's joke? Imagine being told by your professor that she's been teaching the wrong chemistry course for the entire semester. What would you think? Seriously, this is exactly what happened to students attending a chemistry class at the Lone Star College-University Park in Houston, Texas.

Most people would consider it a good deal to get an upgraded product while only paying for the standard version. However, when a student attends an introductory chemistry class but gets advanced chemistry instead, it's not such a good deal at all. The consequences can be dire because you may get a lower grade that drags down your overall academic performance.

Take Lauren Firmin, for instance. She had maintained a 4.0 grade point average, but struggled with the chemistry class all semester and was given an F.

Lauren said, "I was getting 40s (out of 100) on every test. I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try."

After Professor Tao Shirley Nguyen (photo above) admitted her mistake in front of the class, Lauren's F grade became a B when the professor compensated by giving extra credits to all the students. However, the B grade is still a bitter pill to swallow for a student who has worked hard to maintain an all 4.0 GPA for two years.

According to USA Today, when Lauren complained to the head of the science department at Lone Star College-University Park, she received an email in response to her complaint. "This was not intentional on Ms. Nguyen's part," the science chairman wrote. "She was new to the introductory level."

When contacted, Nguyen refused to comment. A college spokesman said students were taught the correct material. The college has ruled against Lauren's appeal to upgrade her B grade to an A.