Yup! A Chinese tourist, who was visiting South Korea, has been detained at one of their airports because immigration officials cannot identify the man through the creative drawings his four year old son decorated his passport with.

According to the man, known only as “Mr Zhang,” he mistakenly left his passport in the hands of his four year old son who took it upon himself to make the passport even fancier with cute drawings and doodles. His son was super creative while drawing a pig with a really great nose, some grass along the border, and then even giving his father a makeover, leaving him totally unrecognizable to Korean immigration.

Because of the drawings, Mr. Zhang claims he’s stranded in South Korea and took to Weibo (China’s social networking site) for help on how to get back. In my opinion, he could just visit the China Embassy in Seoul, because that’s just where you would go for situations such as getting back to your home country if your home is in China. #CommonSenseForTheWin

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However, maybe the reason he hasn’t thought of that is because he doesn’t need to. According to a few netizens, this whole “four year old drawing on a passport thing” is just a giant hoax! Some claim that the doodles are simply photo shopped and strategically placed over the important parts of the passport, and that your average four year old can’t possibly draw that well. It’s not certain whether or not Mr. Zhang has gotten the situation sorted out (if there is in fact a situation at all), but talk about a plot twist!

What do you think? Do you think this is a hoax, or did a four year old really just delay daddy’s flight?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE