Can people perfectly hide that they had plastic surgery? One Korean celebrity found out the hard way that the answer is no.

In the South Korean KBS 2TV show Vitamin, which talks about Health, one Korean gag-woman was caught having had nose plastic surgery after shooting her face 3D-CT. In the show, which aired on January 8th in Korea, she unintentionally revealed that she put a silicone implant in her nose. In a 3D-CT film, the color of her nose was brown, which was different from her face's other bone color. A plastic surgeon who was invited to this program made Park So Young embarrassed by saying, "No matter how advanced the plastic surgery technology becomes, it can’t put one over on CT. There is a silicone implant inside of her face."

She had already disclosed the fact that she had plastic surgery before in another Korean TV show that displayed her before and after picture, but her 3D-CT film is drawing even more people’s attention. It seems that the CT film showing her brown nose is quite shocking to people. Netizens are posting captured images of the program on many Korean online communities.