Not everybody appreciates Valentine's Day, especially like this small group of protesters who marched through Tokyo on the February 14 and demanded all those who celebrated it to stop immediately, claiming it's prejudice against people like themselves who have to spend it all alone.

A small but defiant group of protesters took to the Tokyo streets on Valentine's Day to protest the very existence of the day itself, marching for about 20 minutes led by a proper police escort. The group, named Kakumeiteki Himoté Doumei, which translates into Revolutionary Unpopular Alliance, was this day made up of about 15 men, mostly over 30 and probably lonely. As they marched through the trendy Shibuya district of Tokyo, they shouted out in unison as bystanders took pictures with their phones, not knowing if the whole thing was meant to be serious or funny. The protesters seemed to have three basic messages they wanted to get across: "Don't be fooled by the conspiracy of the sweets companies!" is the first one. Then it's "We won't allow our human rights as unpopular people to be violated!" And last but not least, "Don't judge a person's worth by how much chocolate they receive!" These messages were relayed, via megaphone, to pedestrians and young couples walking the streets of Shibuya on Valentine's Day

Despite being mostly ignored or laughed at by the general public in their homeland, the protesters and their messages caught the attention of the foreign media, and they were interviewed by the likes of The Washington Post, Reuters, and AFP. "The foreign media is finally taking notice of our hard work and dedication," said the leader of the group, a masked man who goes by the name Mark Water. "Now all we need is for the major Japanese newspapers to report on us." 

 "Stamp out Valentine's Day!" says the banner below:

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The leader gets interviewed by foreign press: