Psy and world famous DJ Afrojack crossed paths backstage at KISS FM's Jingle Ball in L.A. and it was a star-struck moment for both. Afrojack's latest album debuting April 2013 will feature a remix of "Gangnam Style," specifically requested by Psy himself. About a month ago, Psy reached out to Afrojack's management with the request that ONLY Afrojack could remix the record-breaking hit. The Dutch DJ's response? "OK. Dope!" Coincidentally enough, "Gangnam Style" is the DJ's favorite track of 2012. Afrojack has collaborated and produced music with global artists on chart toppers such as Rihanna's "Take Over Control," Steve Aoki's "No Beef (feat. Miss Palmer)" and the latest "Can't Stop Me Now" with Shermanology. Since "Gangnam Style" is the biggest song of 2012, and probably the decade and who knows for how long, Afrojack expressed nervousness about touching a song that already is perfect in its original mix. Watch him talk about releasing the track in an interview with FUSE TV: He dropped the track for the first time at the Congress Theater in Chicago last month, and talked about releasing the track this week during an interview at the KISS FM Jingle Ball event. Here is the live version played for the first time: Afrojack talks about meeting Psy and featuring "Gangnam Style" on his new album at the red carpet event of Jingle Ball L.A.: And here is an audio version: "Gangnam Style" has a club feel to it as it is, but Afrojack took it a step further, spinning it in his electronic dance music style. What your thoughts on the Psy-approved "Gangnam Style" remix? Do you think Afrojack delivered?