On his way to the US, international superstar Psy spoke to reporters briefly in Incheon International Airport about the controversy surrounding the music video for his new hit single, "Gentleman." The K-pop star said, "I know there′s a debate about the music video. I think it′s because so many people expect more from me. Whenever I write songs and film music videos, I think of one thing, that I will be healthy but not sound, but I think that made the video bad for younger fans." He continued, "More children have started to watch my music videos after 'Gangnam Style,' and I think 'Gentleman' was a bit too much for them. I promise I′ll return with a better piece next time." Though KBS decided they weren't going to air the MV, they are currently reconsidering that decision. SBS has given the video a rating of 12+, and is airing edited versions. What do you think of Psy's response to the recent events surrounding his video? (Source: enewsworld.interest.me)