[caption id="attachment_153666" align="aligncenter" width="640"]2 Chainz + Tyga 2 Chainz + Tyga[/caption] Remember when Psy announced on New Years Eve that he'd be retiring 'Gangnam Style'?  He wishes you didn't, as he took the song back to work last week, collaborating with popular American rappers 2 Chainz and Tyga on a series of remixes titled Remix Style EP.  Besides rappers, the remix EP also features remixes by DJs Afrojack and Diplo.  But Psy, perhaps once again making a declaration he might regret, says he's done with collaborations for now.  "I don't think I'll be doing any collaborations until my new track is done, and it's not done yet, but I'm thinking of doing it by myself, so I can prove I can do it one more time," he said. "And I'm working hard on it, because I've got to be good with the track and the video, and I've got to be able to perform it on the stage." [caption id="attachment_153704" align="alignnone" width="448"]diplo-psy Diplo and PSY[/caption] Do you think Psy has been milking Gangnam Style for too long, or is all the continuous exposure good for K-pop?