Add this song to the 2017 summer K-pop playlist! In addition to much anticipated comebacks of Twice, VIXX, iKon, and Lee Hyori, PSY (Park Jae Sang) is to stage a comeback on May 10, 2017.

There are a few curious elements to PSY’s simple teaser poster. For instance, why is there a red heart behind PSY’s face? Will the title track be a love song? What about the equation below the heart: 4x2=8? Does the number 8 mean his eighth album or something deeper?

PSY’s new muse is Apink’s Son Na Eun. Think Hyuna in Gangnam Style, Gain in Gentleman, and CL in Daddy. Son Na Eun and PSY filmed a m/v in Macao in a black dress and a tuxedo, respectively.

PSY’s good friend Lee Byung Hun will appear in another m/v in this album.

Today, PSY filmed a variety show Ask Us Anything as a transfer student. This is PSY’s first guest appearance in a variety show in five years. PSY’s episode will air on May 13 at 8:50 p.m.

By the way, PSY’s Gangnam Style m/v is at 2 billion views and still the most watched YouTube video.

Will PSY’s new title track be another worldwide sensation? Which K-pop group’s summer comeback are you excited about the most?

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