It was the summer of 2012 when PSY's "Gangnam Style" launched on YouTube, and since then, the video has been watched over 2.5 billion times. To celebrate Korea's most popular international musical act, a mall in the Gangnam District in Seoul has erected a large bronze statue inspired by PSY's signature dance move.

Having become an international phenomenon over three years ago, PSY will now be immortalized in the Gangnam District of Seoul that he made so popular around the world. Not yet unveiled to the public, the bronze sculpture at the COEX Mall in Seoul is 17 by 27 feet, a cast of PSY's two hands crossed at the wrists. The hands will light up in multiple colors whenever anyone walks under them, flashing to the beats of "Gangnam Style." Because PSY filmed part of his megahit video at the mall, officials decided to erect the statue in the hopes that it would one day become a landmark where tourists from all over the world could visit.

And there's a lot more at the COEX Mall than just a statue of PSY. You can do anything you want there! It is Asia's largest underground shopping center, after all. You can shop, dine, watch a movie, go to an aquarium, see some shows, or even go check out the famous Kimchi Museum. And now, you can do it all in true Gangnam style.


Neighborhood Hero

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