An alleged performance by Psy of an anti-Iraq war protest song is causing outrage in some circles, in light of the hugely popular star's upcoming performance at the Christmas in Washington concert. Although the story has been out for months, in 2004 Psy allegedly participated in a performance of the song Dear American by the group N.EX.T, containing anti-American lyrics. To give some context, a Korean missionary had recently been kidnapped and killed in Iraq after demands that South Korea not send troupes to assist American forces were ignored. Another performance from 2002 is being raised by some in which Psy apparently destroyed a toy American tank on stage. An American tank had recently run over two Korean school girls, and the drivers acquitted by the US military court. UPDATE: The origin of this story seems to be an iReport piece on CNN's website submitted by ausjeon (in fact it's the only article submitted under this user name). The content is "not vetted by CNN," but was picked up by Mediaite and subsequently Buzzfeed. An online petition was set up today by a Kristinn T of Melbourne, Florida on the White House website asking that Psy's invitation to perform at the Christmas in Washington concert be rescinded. For more on the story in context, check out the article at The Washington Post. [poll id="53"]