Who can resist the charms and sweet smiles Song Joong Ki? Song Joong Ki in a uniform? Apparently the booming popularity of Descendants of the Sun has led the Public Security in China to issue a "Song Joong Ki Warning".The department of Four Social Illness Prevention under Public Security made the announcement on it's Weibo page to express their concerns about the side effects of the drama's popularity. 

The post explained that Chinese women are catching Song Joong Ki lovesickness which is making a lot of men unhappy. The Public Security also warned that watching Korean dramas may potentially cause legal problems. The post also pointed out examples of the harmful effects of watching Korean dramas- a man got plastic surgery to look like an actor his ex-wife was in love with in order to win her back.

Let's examine why the Chinese government is really on edge:

Saving the best for last:

Captain Yoo Si Jin definitely has got it going on. He's strong yet playful, gentle yet bold and so caring and kind. Beware men of China. You go Song Joong Ki, your acting talent is shining through!