Guo Xue Fu (Puff Guo) is a successful singer and actor in Taiwan, and she is currently filming the new We Got Married, Global Edition with Super Junior's Heechul, but she had a difficult and sad childhood growing up. Her mother died when she was a child and it was a traumatic experience. That was followed by her and her sister being neglected by relatives who only had eyes for the money her mother left for the children.

Recently, she recalled the death of her mother, saying, "It was a Wednesday and the weather was good, but I thought the sky looked strange. When I got home, my uncle told me to go to the hospital, but Mom's body was already cold. I called her but she did not answer. When I turned her over, blood came out of her mouth." Puff was only nine years old. "That image is too clear, and I cannot forget it," said Puff with tears rolling down her face. Apparently no one noticed her cancer-stricken mother had passed away.

Puff's mother had breast cancer. As Puff recalls, "I was young and did not understand it. I only knew she was sick and her two breasts were one big and one small. They felt hard when I touched them." Her mother insisted on taking traditional herbal medicines and other folk treatments like stepping on backs. Puff says, "I followed what she did and experienced the same pain. I drank some herbal medicine and threw up in the bathroom." She thought her mother would be cured, and did not expect her mother to die at the hospital.

Luckily for Puff and her younger sister, her mother left them a sizable inheritance, without which they would have been taken to live at an orphanage. Nevertheless, the two of them also became the target fought for by relatives who wanted a share of the inheritance but did not really want to raise the children. At one time, they were even separated from each other. Puff's family tragedy was like a soap opera that she did not really want to recall. The only memory she has of her mom was that "she was not very educated, spoke some Japanese, and always took them to travel abroad. " She has to look at photos to remember more about her mom.

When she got older, she wanted to save the inheritance money for her sister to use for going to school, so she started working as a model even before she was 20 and gave up on her own academic study. She has become a popular singer and actor in the last couple of years, but with success there is also more rumors and negative news. She says, "There'll always be good and bad in life. I'll continue to get better, because I've already experienced all the bad."

She still feels passion for her entertainment profession, but if she loses that passion someday, she will consider opening a manga bookstore, pet store, or even an orphanage. Puff said, "It seems I only want to do money-losing business."