It's a tough battle for the top ratings spot, and this week, Kim Rae Won and Kim Ah Joong's Punch beat out the competition to rule the Korean ratings once again.

Healer may be all the rage in the DramaFever Weekly Top 10, but it's a different story in Korea, where Punch has held the top spot for the last two weeks since the end of Pride and Prejudice. The gripping melodrama won a 12.2% rating on Tuesday. Jang Hyuk's new historical series Shine or Go Crazy moved into second place with a 10.2% viewer rating, and Healer dropped to third place with an 8.9 rating.

Are you surprised by these rankings? To see what's attracting Korean viewers to Punch, you can watch the series below. Shine or Go Crazy will also be available on DramaFever starting tomorrow! You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE.