Celebs in their boxers! The stars of the upcoming series Punch are determined to make their ratings great. Actors Kim Rae Won and Jo Jae Hyun are so into getting the proper rank that they will strip down to their underwear to reward fans for watching.

On December 11, the two men were guests on the radio program titled the Cultwo Show. After Kim mentioned that it would be good if the ratings started around 10 percent and finished over 15 percent, Jo interjected.

"No, it has to come out to 22 percent by then. It’s about time for a drama to do that. That drama will be Punch. If the viewer ratings exceed 22 percent, I will do a broadcast in just my underwear.”

Kim Rae Won reluctantly agreed to prepare for the possible event.

Punch premieres on SBS at 8:55 PM. Kim Ah Joong also stars in the legal thriller. The series is about the chief of the anti-corruption investigation team dying from a brain tumor. His ex-wife returns to aid him. Watch the trailer below and sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

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