A man who adopted a female dog from Fukushima recently tweeted a photo of the little puppy she gave birth to. People have been shocked to see that the otherwise healthy looking puppy has six toes, a deformity that many fear may be due to radiation.

Unfortunately, the fallout of Fukushima is starting to show physically. A little puppy conceived in a temporary shelter was born at the house of his adopted family with six toes. This is alarming for so many obvious reasons. It's hard to believe, but there are many people, animals and plants still living in Fukushima right at this very moment. Most people can't afford to just pack up and move, and some actually don't want to. It's home.

One of the scary things about radiation is that you can't see it. Out of sight, out of mind, even if it's all over the place. So pretty soon, people just start living their everyday lives as if nothing's happening. It's in the ocean, it's in the soil, it's in the food you eat, and in the water you drink. The deadly particles are there but invisible. If a dog is giving birth to a puppy with six toes already, what's happening to the insides of everyone else? The little children in Fukushima, when they grow up and have kids of their own... It's inevitable. The government and TEPCO, the company responsible for the crippled nuclear reactors, have been lying to the public about the realities of the situation since the day the reactors started leaking. The only choice many people have is to leave the area. But most can't. And that's the saddest thing about it.

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