As some of you may remember, to promote his Hollywood movie, Godzilla has been on a little homecoming tour of Japan this summer, and it's culminated in the making of the most expensive Godzilla collectible in the world: a pure gold statue valued at an astounding 150 million yen.

That's right, 1.5 million US dollars for an 8-inch statue. A store in Japan has created, with the blessing of Toei Film Studios, a pure gold statue to commemorate Godzilla and his 60th birthday. On display in Nagoya in the precious metal specialty store Ginza Tanaka, visitors are coming from all over Japan just to check out this truly valuable, one-of-a-kind piece. The statue wasn't made for sale, but will sell to any takers. The price may be outrageous, but with how many gazillionaires exist in the world today, some crazy rich Godzilla fan may just pick it up. It is pure gold, after all. With the price if gold at about 40 dollars a gram, this 15 kilogram statue is a tad bit overpriced, with the weight of the gold amounting to a 600,000 dollar value. A fan who took a five-hour trip to just look at the statue said, "I'm lucky just to be able to look at it. I'd buy it if I had the money."

That always seems to be the problem. Money!

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