There are people in the world who wouldn't want to see cats drinking tea, and those people are called 'crazy.' Cat cafes have been popular in Japan for a while, but thanks to a couple of the pet enthusiasts, a new feline cafe is coming to San Francisco! Founders Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky are planning on opening up a cat cafe that is part “gourmet tea house” and part “cat and human oasis.” The cafe will be called KitTea and one of the purposes of the shop is to provide a home for stray cats.

No more than 10 cats will be allowed inside of the tea shop at a time, and if the animals ever get tired of hanging out with their human friends, there is also a "cats-only" area. The owners are hoping to open the shop by Spring of this year and they are currently looking at spaces that are roughly 1,600 square feet and could accommodate 30-35 visitors.