At this point, we all know that our iPhones needs rest, too. You need to put it to sleep sometimes because it gets tired and will wear out. Just like you, your iPhone has to recharge. And there's no better way to recharge than laying down on a nice, Japanese futon.

As much time as we all spend on our iphones (and other smartphones we have), we really should think about giving them a well deserved rest once in a while. And by that I don't mean just keeping it on a shelf by the bed and turning it off when you go to sleep. Why not give it real rest? Take care of it.

For only 300 yen (three dollars), you can buy yourself an iPhone bed at Gacha Gacha, a little toy vending machine filled with tiny toys in plastic capsules. You just deposit your money and spin a little lever. A capsule with a little toy in it comes out, and if you're lucky, it'll be the one that you were eyeing. In late August, Gacha Gacha's throughout Japan will be fitted with futons for your iphone. There are six different futon designs, with one surprise one that is kept under wraps.

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Scientists say you should not have any of your electronic devises in your room if you want a real good night's sleep. With this Gacha Gacha futon, you can definitely keep your iPhone in your room. You'll both be deep asleep.