I may not keep up on all the newest fashion trends around the world, however, I do sometimes see styles here and there that make me appreciate how cool they are. But this new style t-shirt from Japan, not so much.

Not only do I think it's crazy, but I have no idea whatsoever how the concept of the design made it to production. I know, sometimes fashion is all about being totally out there and far out, exemplified by those impossible-to-walk-in high heels I wrote about about a week ago. But a men's t-shirt with a bra strap visible in the back, but no actual bra? I can't even find a word to describe a shirt like that. "From behind, people on the street won't know if you're male or female!" is how the shirt is hyped. With a little bra logo on the front chest area, this slightly see-through shirt is a product of a Japanese novelty brand called Village Vanguard, which seems to be only taking orders for this t-shirt online.

This shirt is guaranteed to flop, and I can't imagine the makers of this shirt think it's actually gonna sell. But I'm no fashion editor, so who am I to question it, I guess. Oh, it also says it's made for the bra fetishist. So is the bra fetishist the one who's supposed to wear it, or is he the one who's supposed to follow the shirt-wearing dude as he walks up the street?

Beats me.

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