[caption id="attachment_21199" align="alignleft" width="356" caption="Kim Jae Wook"][/caption] The Queen of Housewives sequel, formerly known as Queen of Tears, has been rechristened Queen of Reversals, which sounds a lot more intriguing to me. Jung Jun Ho has been cast in the male lead role as a rather useless social climber who relies on his hotness to sail through life--until he decides it's time to pull himself together and make a play for his boss, played by Kim Nam Joo. Kim Tae Hee says that after tasting huge success from her role in IRIS, she's become much more conscious of her popularity and is anxiously hoping for big box office numbers from her upcoming equestrian epic Grand Prix. Lee Byung Hun revealed his surprise at how "hardcore" his controversial new horror film I Saw the Devil turned out. Evidently the script only hinted at the level of violence that initially won the movie Korea's dreaded "restricted" rating, essentially prohibiting anyone from seeing it. Lee says that after the first screening, he and co-star Choi Min Sik were speechless. You can watch the gritty trailer without any restrictions here. On a lighter note, Kim Bum and girl group MissA teamed up for a cute photo shoot for Edwin. See the pics, showing off Edwin's Fall/Winter line, right here. Sungkyunkwan University head Choi Geun Deok has issued a complaint against the upcoming historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, saying that the word "scandal" casts a shadow on the 600-year old institution. The drama is based on the novel The Lives of Sungkyunkwan's Scholars, and Choi insinuates that it is also unseemly to associate the Korean cultural institution with an English word. KBS, who has been promoting the drama, title and all, for some time now has not responded. Bad Guy fans will want to settle in for an extensive interview with headstrong, multi-talented star Kim Jae Wook as he talks openly about his image on set as an argumentative actor, narcissism, and his music. Finally, Lee Min Ho gave a tweet-out to thank fans who donated books to charity and shot them a little grin, causing one of one of the matronly Minoz to comment that when she saw his face, she gave her best "motherly smile."