[caption id="attachment_5048" align="alignleft" width="295" caption="Hayami Mokomichi"][/caption] Details are scant, but it's being reported that the same production company from the popular and critically acclaimed drama Queen of Housewives is gearing up season two! Casting has not been announced, but it is thought that the sequel will have its premier after Dong Yi concludes in August. Also coming in August is the new Hong Sisters fantasy My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (just learned this: gumiho is the word for a nine-tailed fox). Lee Seung Gi stars as a man who falls in love with the title folktale creature, who may look human but lives by dining on human organs! If anyone can pull this off, it's the Hong Sisters, who have written some of the most memorable comic dramas in recent years, including You're Beautiful. My Sassy Girl's Jun Ji Hyun appears in a new photo spread for Bazaar magazine, giving off a bit of a retro rocker vibe and showing off her lanky frame. So Ji Sub gave a substantial interview to promote the big war drama Road No. 1. In addition to answering questions about his character and wardrobe, So also speaks about why he feels it's important to make this drama now and what surprised him in researching the historic project. Hayami Mokomichi speaks out about his role as a "NEET hikikomori" in a new article. NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training, and hikikomori is the nationwide issue in Japan of young people who retreat from the world and become virtual hermits in their rooms. The drama is called Keishichoushissouka - Takashiro Kengo, and Mokomichi's performance was a major shift from his previous lighter roles in dramas such as Densha Otoko and Absolute Boyfriend. He says he took the part hoping that young people who are hikikomori might see it and decide to venture out into the world. Finally, Oh Ji Ho was in Japan to promote Chuno over his birthday recently, where he took a just slightly awkward photo while being presented with a weird brownie-gingerbread man-birthday cake thing.