[caption id="attachment_11097" align="alignleft" width="376" caption="Han Eun Jung"][/caption] The sequel series of the popular romantic comedy Queen of Housewives has been announced, with a name change that may indicate a tone change for season two: Queen of Tears will rejoin Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae as she struggles for independence and happiness. Although Kim has already agreed to return, the rest of the original cast (including Oh Ji Ho) have not yet confirmed. Tears will drop in September. Rain gave an extensive interview following his win at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. The idol opens up about his pride at being the first Korean to win on the show ("I really want to brag about this one"), his prediction of an East-West interracial Hollywood romantic comedy, and his feelings on the possibility of being pigeonholed in action roles. Ever dreamed of being a Kpop star? If you can sing in Korean and are under 100 years old, you're eligible to appear on Superstar K! For the first time, the music competition show is holding auditions in the United States--Los Angeles to be exact. Check out all the details here, and good luck! It looks like the sparks between Jo Kwon and Ga In on We Got Married just might be the real thing. Although the two just pretended to be married on the series, both agreed said that they would consider dating offscreen on the variety show Come To Play. Jo Kwon even said that he often misses Ga In, and that he wouldn't ever take another girlfriend to the places they had visited together... Han Eun Jung revealed her gumiho character in the upcoming supernatural revenge drama Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child. Check out her pic and more details on the "suspenseful melodrama" right here. And about that other gumiho drama this summer, here's Lee Seung Gi looking very wrapped up and shielded from the sun on a recent bike expedition. The reason? Evidently he needs to look super pale for My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho... Kim Joon's mobile phone drama The Love of Pygmalion is a smash hit--in fact, it's been the number-one mobile program (fighting for attention against shows on 40 other channels) for two straight weeks in Japan, particularly winning over middle-aged women. Finally, ever wondered if those huge fan meetings are really worth it? Read up on what you get for that expensive ticket, which can start at a hundred bucks and reach up to three hundred per person.