housewife_newsToday we uploaded Queen of Housewives, Kim Nam Joo's return to the screen after an eight-year hiatus. It is a breezy tale of rich wives and their powerful husbands fighting over love, money, and social politics. A bit Desperate Housewives, a bit Gossip Girl, and a whole lot of fun, it pulled in ratings of over 20% from early on, peaking in ratings of over 30% at the end.

Chun Ji Ae (Kim Nam Joo) has it high school. Pretty and popular, she's the school's queen bee, while Yang Bong Soon (Lee Hye Young) is the exact opposite, constantly picked on and made fun of. Bong Soon adores Ji Ae and the two are initially friends, until Ji Ae steals Bong Soon's crush, Han Joon Hyuk (Choi Chul Ho). Fast-forward to middle-aged married life, and their roles have reversed.

Ji-Ae married Ohn Dal Soo (Oh Ji Ho), a promising university graduate who turned out to be too nice to rise in the corporate ranks and is now constantly unemployed, while Bong Soon married Joon Hyuk after Ji Ae dumped him, who has now risen rapidly through the ranks to become a senior executive in the high-powered Queens Food company. Dal Soo finally has a shot at a decent job through an interview with a major company, and Ji Ae, who's tired of living the poor middle-class life, decides to support him with everything she's got by entering the company's cutthroat social wives club and winning them over.

Unfortunately for her, the company happens to be Queens Food, and not only is Bong Soon the secondary queen bee in the club, but her husband Joon Hyuk will be Dal Soo's boss. Jooh Hyuk, however, has never quite recovered from losing Ji Ae, and when Ji Ae proves to have quite the talent for navigating the company's treacherous social waters while the wife of the company's boss sets her sights on Dal Soo, everyone is about to find out that you can't always have your way...

This bubbly, delightful romcom is perfect escapist candy, and never misplaces its emotional heart in the midst of all the catfights and extramarital affairs.

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