Park Hae Jin stars as the polite and privileged Yoo Jung in the newest tvN romantic comedy Cheese in the Trap. In the first two episodes, he seems to be completely smitten by his fellow classmate Hong Seol to the point of obsession. This new zany series will be just another gem to add to Park's already fascinating resume that spans a decade. 

The first time I saw Park Hae Jin was in the 2006 KBS family series Famous Princesses. Since his debut in the series, the 32-year-old actor and model has continued to star in several South Korean movies, dramas, and even Chinese TV productions! This quiz is a brief recap of some of the K-dramas he has mastered over the years.Take the quiz below to see if you remember some of your favorite Park Hae Jin productions.

What was your score? 

Watch Park Hae Jin in the premiere of Cheese in the Trap below:

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