Ji Soo is the one that got away in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He plays the sexy police officer In Gook Doo, who Bong Soon has been crushing on for an eternity. Nonetheless, she isn't going to let an obstacle like his girlfriend get in the way of her second chance with him. Fellow Ji Soo fans get it. Fans will love the hot young actor until the day he decides to quit the entertainment industry. We may not be able to recount every production he has been apart of since his indie film days a decade ago, but we know all his recent dramas.

Just for fun, lets's put our fangirl/fanboy knowledge to the test!

What was your score? How many times did you pause during the quiz just to gaze at our adorable flower boy?

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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