Now that Heirs is in full swing, we’re starting to get to know some of the many, many side characters better. This, of course, leaves the question of which character you relate to the most. If you attended Jeguk High, would you be more of a Bo Na or a Young Do? Take this helpful (100% unscientific and completely joking) quiz to find out!

Question 1: How rich is your family?

A.The richest ones around—and that’s saying something.

B.Extra poor

C.Extremely rich, but a few extra alliances wouldn’t hurt the family company.

D.Rich, but always trying to get a piece of other companies just in case.

E.Not quite as rich or prestigious as the big companies, but you still have plenty of money to throw around.

F.You live a comfortable life, but you’re not exactly wealthy.

G.You have plenty, but the family focus is prestige over wealth.

H.Your parents are both top lawyers, so they make a good amount of cash.

Question 2: What is your preferred style?

A.You never met an ugly sweater you didn’t like.

B.Comfy casual—you will even wear overalls from time to time.

C.High-end casual: nice slacks and shirts with a leather jacket or colorful loafers to preserve your personality

D.Tailored, chic, and expensive

E.Cutesy—often accessorized with an adorable beret or headband

F.Sweaters over collared shirts

G.Suits—though perhaps you would dress differently if you had more freedom.

H.That stuffy outer layer is just covering up a party shirt underneath. Kind of like Superman—if Superman loved clubbing.

Question 3: What is your favorite pastime?


B.Watching horror movies

C.Bullying nerds in your lair

D.Shopping while wishing your stupid fiancé would call you

E.Hanging out with celebrities at your dad’s company


G.Hitting on older women


Question 4: What is your typical mode of transportation?





E.You just appear places—so probably a hired car?

F.Your dad

G.Driving yourself like a boss

H.Who cares, as long as you get to the party?

Question 5: How do you deal with your romantic interest?

A.Stalking and a lot of staring

B.You don’t have time for romance!

C.Being as terrifying as possible

D.Helping them see why dumping you would ruin their life

E.Cutesy wootsy

F.Finding everything the other person does absolutely endearing

G.Surprise kiss attack!

H.How could you be tied down to just one person?

Question 6: How do you respond to bullying?

A.You mostly ignore it, but if you have something to prove, you’ll jump in and stop it.

B.You want to help, but you’re also afraid of becoming the new object of the bullying.

C.Bullying is an excellent way to ease boredom!

D.You roll your eyes as you watch.

E.You stay out of the fray as much as possible

F.You never seem to be around when it happens, but you do what you can to help afterwards.

G.You watch from afar with amusement.

H.You don’t mind helping—the bully.

Question 7: How do you deal with disappointment or discouragement?

A.Gazing into the distance

B.Blinking a lot with tear-filled eyes



E.Sassy irritation

F.Trying to find a solution

G.You have a history of attempted suicide, but you’re more resilient now.

H.There’s always something to joke about!

Question 8: How do you feel about the Social Care Group?

A.You suddenly have a special reason to care about them.

B.Shhhhhh. Don’t mention that phrase, or people might suspect!

C.It’s an excellent tool to scare others.

D.They are completely beneath your notice.

E.Depends. If it’s someone cute and smart, you wouldn’t mind dating them.

F.You’re part of the Social Care Group, but you have managed to elevate your status at school.

G.Well, you certainly seem to like people who graduated from the social care group.

H.Social Care Group? Where? BURN THE WITCH!

Question 9: What’s your family situation like?

A.You’ve got daddy issues; you’ve got mommy issues; you’ve got brother issues…

B.Even though you sometimes fight, you’re pretty tight with your mom.

C.Your biggest goal in life is to beat up your dad.

D.Your mother deserves every eye roll and sneer you can muster.

E.Not too shabby. Your dad makes tons of money and gets you an in with celebrities!

F.You and your dad have kind of a brotherly relationship.

G.Your family is single biggest stress factor in your life.

H.They don’t seem to know or care what you’re up to, so there’s no reason to complain!

Now tally up your scores to see which letter you chose most frequently….

Here are the results:

A.Kim Tan

You’re wealthy and attractive, but life isn’t all fun and games. You know how to have a good time on your own, but once you’re around your family, they cramp your style a bit. When it comes to relationships, you don’t believe in the word “no.” Doesn’t that just mean “Kiss me against my will until I confess my feelings?"

B.Cha Eun Sang

Unlike many of the people around you, you are practical and hardworking. You have goals and dreams, but you know that those dreams won’t just materialize out of nowhere. You are wary of relationships because you don’t want to get hurt.

C.Choi Young Do

Sometimes you’re just so angry that you have to Hulk smash a few things! Unfortunately, many people miss your softer, wittier side because they’re afraid of you. You have plenty of reasons to be angry at the world, but maybe you should go easy on punching people, okay? *Ducks* Don’t hit me!

D.Yoo Rachel

You are poised, beautiful, and cold. Like Choi Young Do, you have plenty of baggage that encourages your tough exterior. You like to pretend to be an ice princess, but that doesn’t mean that rejection doesn’t hurt.

E.Lee Bo Na

You may be a little bit selfish, but you can’t help that you’re such a cutesy girly girl! Once you’re in a relationship, you’re in it 100%. Of course, once you’re done with a relationship, you can’t help but assume that they guy isn’t over you. Who could forget this adorable face?

F.Yoon Chan Young

You’re a genuinely good person and an even better friend. Sometimes your friendship skills make your significant other jealous, but you just take it all into stride. You’re studious and helpful and kind—like an awesome puppy.

G.Lee Hyo Shin

You’re an overachiever, but not by choice. Sure, you can ace your exams and become the president of the nation, but is that what you want? At some point, you’ll have to take a stand to open your life for some freedom and romance. When you fall for your tutor, it’s definitely a sign that you should get out more!

H.Jo Myung Soo

You’re a follower more than a leader. You like to lead a carefree life that isn’t hindered by other people’s baggage. When you aren’t hanging out with your friends, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be out at the clubs! Party on, good sir!

So which Heirs character are you? Comment below!

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