After four episodes of the adorable new TvN K-drama Twenty Again, the audience can clearly see that Han No Ra will have three suitors. Why? Any time characters fight with main leads who are not their relatives or mothers-in-law, you can make a pretty good guess that they will fall in love with the main lead. I predict Choi Ji Woo's ajumma character will have Cha Hyun Suk, Kim Woo Chul, and dance leader Na Soon Nam vying for her affections as the series continues. 

By now, some of us viewers are just a little jealous of No Ra's imminent future, so I decided to put together a quiz to find out which male character would be your soulmate. Don't worry, I didn't forget to include her cute and spoiled son Min Soo. 

Take the quiz and see who was meant for you.

Did you get the character you wanted? 

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