Is it just me, or do you imagine yourself being the female lead in a K-drama you're watching? As much as it is embarrassing to admit, I fall for the male leads all the time, my current obsessions being  Twenty Again's adorable Kim Min Jae and Yong Pal's Joo Won. Oh, if only I was as pretty as Kim Tae Hee!

Every season, every month, and every week, there seem to be an endless supply of incredibly good looking actors in K-dramas. Although I love them all ( even more so when the men are shirtless), we've selected the five absolute best in this quiz. 

Find which one of the five incredibly hot Korean actors is your Mr. Right!

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See  Choi Ji Woo and Kim Min Jae's unconventional romantic comedy Twenty Again:

Which sweetheart did you get? Share your results with us in the comments!