Singer and MC Shin Jung Hwan appeared before camera for the first time in a while since his gambling scandal, which led him to flake out on a TV program and lie that he was hospitalized in Cebu. Shin Jung Hwan visited Gangnam Sungmo Hospital with other celebrities to offer condolences for the recent death of Yedang Entertainment’s CEO Byun Dae Yoon. The CEO committed suicide by hanging himself after accumulating debt that added up to more than $25 million.

Shin Jung Hwan’s colleagues say Shin has thought of the CEO as his savior. Shin Jung Hwan released Country Kko Kko’s album through Byun Dae Yoon’s company, and it was said that whenever Shin Jung Hwan was in trouble, he often talked to the CEO, who would always give him advice and encouragement.

Many prominent singers including Im Jae Bum and Ali are affiliated with Yedang Entertainment.