Rain and Kim Tae Hee ended their five-year relationship with a beautiful wedding today at 2 p.m. KST in Gahoe-dong cathedral in Jongno, Seoul. It was a Catholic matrimony within mass. Kim Tae Hee wore a laced, over the knee dress topped with a simple veil, and Rain wore a simple tuxedo with a bow tie and white gloves.

The simple, modest wedding, which was heavily guarded against reporters, lasted for an hour and was attended by about a hundred guests, including family members, friends, and the heads of the couple’s agencies. Rain’s godfather and actor Ahn Sung Ki, who also attended his baptism in 2014, best friend Psy, and g.o.d members were some of the attendees. The beaming couple is seen here with g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung at the reception.

At the wedding, JYP’s Park Jin Young sang You’re The One, a song he had proposed to his wife with. When the ceremony was over, Kim Tae Hee’s friend and actress Lee Ha Nui received the wedding bouquet in the presence of her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang. The two actresses are friends from Seoul National University. Reports say the wedding cost about 1,100 USD for venue rentals and usher payments.

After the wedding, Kim Tae Hee shared a handwritten letter and thanked everyone.

“Today is the first day on the long journey we will embark on together, and we wanted to take that first step with the support of all the fans who have loved us and cared for us.

“We will take care of each other, respect each other, and do our best to help each other work on what we lack. With the warmth that I have learned from your overflowing love, I will do my best to repay you as a better actress, and do my best as a wife of a family.

“The man who will be my life partner and I, we will support each other and give each other strength. I hope no one catches a cold in this cold weather, and I pray that you are healthy and happy in the new year. Once again, I want to sincerely thank you all.”

The couple doesn’t plan to go on a honeymoon anytime soon and will live in Rain’s house in Chungdam-dong, Seoul.

Rain’s godfather Ahn Sung Ki said in an interview that he hopes they “make a lot of babies.”

“They carried on a good relationship for a long time, and they’re such a beautiful couple. I hope they live a happy life even after marriage and make as many babies as possible. I’m sure their children will be as pretty and healthy as them.”

The celebrity couple doesn’t have plans for children yet, though Kim Tae Hee has said she wants a fiendlike daughter in a recent episode of Return of Superman.

Congratulations, Rain and Kim Tae Hee!

Source: via via, Park Joon Hyung's Instagram


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