Promotional events for highly anticipated romantic comedy Diamond Lover (克拉戀人) kicked off early last week in two major cities: Beijing and Hefei. Leading man Rain and his leading lady Tiffany Tang were a strong, unified front at both press conferences and looked like a million bucks, I kid you not!

Monday, July 13. The press conference in China's capital city of Beijing had a fun, playful atmosphere. Diamond Lover director Chen Ming Zhang posed proudly with his cast, while young up-and-coming cast member Dilraba Dilmurat was oh-so-pretty in white and black, standing next to Tiffany and Rain.

There was also a sit-down television interview in Beijing on the same day.

Tuesday, July 14. Director and cast members made the trek to the press conference in Hefei, the capital and largest city of Anhui Province, where they all pressed their hand prints into clay to mark the occasion.

Just like the day before, Chinese A-list actress Tiffany was not only gorgeous but cute-as-a-button adorable. My goodness. And Rain? The South Korean megastar redefined the meaning of handsome and a few other adjectives yet again. 

There should be a law against being in public looking this good.

Cast mates Zhang Wen, Guo Ke Tong, and Yao Yi Chen also participated in promotions in Beijing, but main cast member Luo Jin was absent both days and might have had conflicts in his schedule.

The first of Diamond Lover's 40 TV episodes aired today in Chinese-speaking territories (yesterday over the International Dateline, China time), so the long wait for those eager viewers is blessedly at an end. On this side of the world we're still waiting... but don't lose hope, drama lovers. Good things have come to those who waited. *fingers still crossed*

Best of luck, Rain and Tiffany. We hope the ratings for your new drama go through the roof!

Images: 南都娱乐周刊 SE Weekly / 齐岱泽对什么事心都大 / / Media as tagged

Poster: official Diamond Lover Weibo 电视剧-克拉恋人

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