When Rain and Kim Tae Hee were forced to announce their relationship to the world, who knew it would lead to a change in the Korean military system. A verdict was reached across the military, and the incident with Rain pushed the Ministry of National Defense to stop Defense Media Agency PR agents from going on longer leaves than regular soldiers.  In addition, PR agents will no longer be able to leave their unit, even for work purposes. The new rules dictate that the PR agents have to be accompanied by an executive with a curfew of 10:00pm. As of January 24th, the Ministry of National Defense has cut off leaves and other preferential treatment given to PR agents following performances outside the base. It has been stressed that the agency should give PR agents the same number of leaves that are granted to the average soldier to avoid special treatment. And of course, they must lodge within their unit or stay in welfare facilities to avoid meeting with civilians. These decisions were made due to the public disapproval of the handling of Rain's punishment, which highlighted the special treatment of PR agents in the military. What do you think about these changes? (Source: www.enewsworld.mnet.com)