Rain's still got it!

The former action star portrayed his new Sketch character, detective Kang Dong Soo, without much help from a body double. With past productions like A Love to Kill and Ninja Assassin, it comes as no surprise that the star was able to pull off most of his stunts himself. Sketch's Martial Arts Director Lee Byung Joon was in awe by the 35 year-old's natural ability.

“Rain was born to be an action star. You have to learn and recognize the rhythm, and he is a natural. He already has the basic steps for action moves down, so the action scenes are easy for him. With actors who find action scenes challenging, it’s difficult for their co-stars and the staff. However, since Rain is such a veteran, he pulls them off with ease," Lee honestly admitted.

He added, "There’s a scene at a dock by the water in the first episode, and in one take, he filmed enough footage that we originally thought would take a few days to film. After rehearsing briefly on set, he was able to get the okay in just two takes, much to the surprise of the staff. ”

It's reported that Rain pulled off his action scenes with ease right from the very beginning. The scene pictured is from late March, and many viewers are highly anticipating his scenes with co-star Lee Dong Gun, who plays special forces sergeant Kim Do Jin).

JTBC's Sketch, which premieres on May 25, is about two detectives and a special forces sergeant who use a sixth sense to solve crimes and seek revenge. A murdered fiancee and pregnant wife propel two of the law men in their quest for justice, while the ability to sketch future crimes leads another team member to prevent them. Actress Lee Sun Bin also stars.

What types of action scenes are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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