It's raining trash, and Rain's not having it! On November 7 the My Lovable Girl star filed a lawsuit against a 60-year-old designer known as "A," claiming she won't stop dumping trash onto his property. 

Rain stated the following about the situation: "A has piled up paper waste and old clothes on one side of the construction site where a new building is being constructed and will not clean it up." However, "A" is no stranger to lawsuits being filed against her by Rain. Apparently the two of them have been battling since 2009! "A" came into Rain's life when she rented space in a building he owned. When the contract between the two ended, "A" just decided to continue on inhabiting the space without a contract renewal or rent. 

So there she was living rent free, and at that point Rain took her to court. However! "A" counter-sued and claimed Rain actually owed her close to $200,000 in damages from a water leak that allegedly ruined her property! At that point the court dismissed her claim, saying that Rain was not responsible for the damage, which was caused by humidity in the monsoon season.

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After all that mess, "A" has continuously tried suing Rain over the years, and here they are today...still dealing with lawsuits. Let's hope 2014 will be the year Rain finally gets "A" out of his life and off his property for good. #Fighting

Do you think there's a good chance that with this lawsuit Rain can finally rid himself of "A?" 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE