[caption id="attachment_12435" align="alignleft" width="393" caption="Song Il Kook"][/caption] Lee Na Young has confirmed that she will co-star opposite Rain in the autumn spy thriller Runaway. Last appearing in Kdrama in Ireland (which hits Drama Fever tomorrow btw), Lee's return will have her skipping across Asia as the story is set in Tokyo, Macau, Busan, Shanghai and many other iconic cities. Runaway is scheduled to premier in September. Jumong's Song Il Kook stirred up controversy with remarks he made anticipating his stage debut in a double role as historical figures Ahn Jung Geun and his son, Ahn Jun Saeng. While Ahn Jung Geun is a famous figure of the Korean resistance of Japanese occupation in the early 1900s, his son Ahn Jun Saeng was branded a traitor to the cause. Song, whose family has figured prominently in Korea's independence movement, gave remarks sympathetic to Ahn Jun Saeng. That's all it took for him to be branded by a some as a traitor himself. The upshot is that prior to the start of his new play (called I Am You), a dialogue with the audience will be held to help ease tensions. On a lighter note, Kdrama celebs are being called on the carpet for being huge fatties by the always-sensitive internet universe. First up, Park Shin Hye was lambasted for appearing slightly more substantial than usual. Birdie Buddy's UEE also got nailed for having a mini-muffin top in her vacuum-sealed vinyl short shorts (although some kindly suggested that the photos may have been photoshopped by anti-fans). Fearing the kind of harsh criticism that befell those starlets, Jang Geun Suk has announced that he's going on a diet. Lee Dong Gun is entering the army, after a health-related postponement. Meanwhile, the military has decided that Lee Joon Ki would best serve as a "celebrity military officer," working to boost the morale of soldiers by hosting military television and radio shows, as well as making other appearances in order to "fulfill various cultural desires." Chuno's General Choi Han Jung Soo hit the catwalk the other day in a bizarre fur shawl that looks great if you're... uh... building an igloo? Finally, have a look at Kim Hyun Joong totally cracking up about something on the radio show Young Street. His SS501 bandmates must have been pretty "on" that day, because Kim had to run to a corner he was laughing so hard!