Guess what? Rain is back in the K-Drama world having been cast in a new upcoming drama titled, My Lovable Girl!

It’s been awhile since Rain has actually been in a K-Drama. The last one he appeared in was 2010’s Runaway: Plan B. Between then and now, Rain trained his Idol group MBLAQ, released new music of his own, served his mandatory 2 year military service, got himself a girlfriend (Kim Tae Hee), got mixed up in military scandals, and managed to film an upcoming Hollywood film.

With all those accomplishments, it’s nice to see Rain finally make his way back to the K-Drama world and entertain us all with this new “romantic fantasy.” Rain will be taking on the role of an entertainment CEO named Hyun Wook who falls in love with the “younger sister of his ex-lover who died in an accident.”

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Well, if that’s not an intriguing and complicated storyline! Casting is still taking place, so it’ll be interesting to see who Rain's love interest will be. My Lovable Girl is set to air on September 17th.

Who’s ready for some Rain?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE