[caption id="attachment_10799" align="alignleft" width="405" caption="Baek Sung Hyun"][/caption] At the MTV Movie Awards last night, Rain beat out Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Sam Worthington and Chris Pine for the Biggest Badass prize for his role in Ninja Assassin. Official video of Rain taking home the golden popcorn bucket is here. Rain's next project before entering the military is The Fugitive, an espionage-tinged drama co-starring Lee Na Young. Stills and video from this week's drama premier Running were released, featuring Yoo Yeon Seok, Baek Sung Hyun and Park Min Young. Running finds Baek grieving the loss of his older brother as he trains for a marathon, and becoming entangled in a love triangle with Yoo and Park. The 4-episode minidrama begins airing this Thursday. Lim So Yeong, best known for her role as Bu Young on Jumong, is getting a remarkable amount of press for a cleavage-baring photo shoot making the rounds in newspapers, cellphone screens and online. Read the ridiculous Korea Times story ("A girl who is sweet by day and sexy by night is every man’s dream, and a new online pictorial seeks to fulfill that fantasy." Uh huh.) and see one of the somehow madly popular photos right here. The megahit drama Goong is on its way to the stage, and finally has a lead: UKnow Yunho will play Prince Shin, the role made famous by Joo Ji Hoon when the drama becomes a musical in September. Have a look at Cinderella's Sister's replacement: starting next week, Baker King Kim Tak Gu will bring a tale of rival pastry chefs to the small screen in what is being called a "warm and relatable human drama." Speaking of rivals, DaeSung from Big Bang says his is... Kim Hyun Joong? Maybe he's just jealous of that special birthday issue of Mars Times... Finally, f(x) superstar Krystal is coming under fire for her ennui-oozing performance on the game show Quiz That Changed The World. Could she have possibly looked more bored when her elder and fellow pop singer Tae Jin Ah was doing the "phone-a-friend" segment?