It didn't take long for the mystery surrounding Rain's mid-February photo shoot in New York City to be solved! As it turns out, professional photographer (and Koyote member) BbaekGa's shots of Rain were slated for the March issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea. We then followed Rain to China where he graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar Men Style.

Rain was clad from head to toe in H & M 2014 Spring Essentials and transformed into a chic, cosmopolitan New Yorker for the theme of the shoot. Check out the on-location video released by Harper's Bazaar of their fashion-conscious city ranger.

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You can't go wrong with denim.

Things go better with Coke -- including Rain.

Blazers are in style every season of the year. This one fits Rain to a T.

Aqua-mirrored aviators... s-w-e-e-t.

Having a coffee break, are we?

If this shot looks a little familiar...'s because we got a hint of the setting in the teaser pic that BbaekGa instagram'd while working in New York.

(Image credit: BbaekGa / Paek Sunghyun / 100)

Now, let's switch gears and hop across the sea from Korea to China, where Rain is the cover story for Harper's Bazaar Men Style's March 2014 issue.

Harper's Bazaar Men Style is China's first business fashion men's magazine. Back in November, Rain was named one of the 2013 Bazaar Men Style People of the Year and received the award for Asia's All-Around Entertainer. So, it's no real surprise to find him on their cover, nor is it a surprise that he is modeling longtime sponsor MCM's new spring/summer fashion line, "Flower Boys In Paradise."

The cover image is even more breathtaking all by its lonesome, without all the text, don't you think?

The windblown look works well on Rain.

He's no stranger to MCM backpacks.

Rain shows why, when it comes to piercing looks, he is a master.

Everyone who was concerned about Rain regaining his gorgeous hair after his military duties need not have worried.

A photographer once said back during the midpoint of Rain's career that no one ever came away from a photo shoot without exactly what they needed from him. In a word, he was a photographer's dream. From the look of things, that will probably be true for some years to come.

In other news, Rain flew to China this past weekend and spent the beginning of this week prerecording his guest stint on popular Chinese TV show "Happy Camp" (to be televised on Hunan TV on March 8th). He also appeared at his 2014 Rain Effect in Beijing Show press conference on the 4th.

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