Korean superstar Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) has been baptized as a Catholic into the same faith as that of his equally famous girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee. Will fans hear wedding bells ring for a church nuptial soon? According to Korean media, it could happen within a year for the two stars who first admitted to their romantic relationship in January 2013.

Kim Tae Hee and her entire family are Catholic, so when news came out that her boyfriend, Rain, had been baptized at a small Catholic parish in Gwangju on the outskirts of Seoul, speculation naturally rose about a possible wedding to take place soon for the two famous stars.

On July 21, Rain's agency, Cub DC, confirmed the 32-year-old superstar's baptism but denied it had anything to do with marriage plans. According to Korean news, the agency said, 'Rain has recently received Catholic baptism. It was something that was planned a long time ago. Only family and close friends were attending. It is not true that Rain and Kim are getting married, and it is not true that he was forced to undergo baptism.'

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Despite the agency's official statement, fans and media speculate that based on Kim Tae Hee's current age of 34, she will be 35 within a year and won't want to delay family plans. However, Kim is currently filming a 40-episode Chinese historical drama about master calligrapher Wang Xizhi, while Rain is also busy filming Difficult Love, a movie about a tragic romance. Therefore, according to rumor mills, a spring wedding next year could be expected.

It is awesome that the relationship between Rain and Kim is going strong. 'My girlfriend is someone I can rely on and trust when I am feeling down,' Rain once said of the actress who has often been described as one of the most beautiful women in Korea. Fans of both stars will certainly be excited when the wedding announcement comes.