On September 19 of last week, mega-entertainer Rain (a.k.a. Jung Ji Hoon) took a moment away from work to post a selfie with his My Lovable Girl Episode 6 script for fans, on his Weibo.

Episode 6, ey? Seeing as this week's episodes are 3 and 4, it looks like SBS might be filming shows roughly a week out from when they're to be aired.

This type of timetable isn't anything new when it comes to K-drama production. Seems like this is the controversial way it's been done for years, unlike in the U.S. where most shows are taped weeks and months in advance. I can't help but think that the timetable in South Korea is a lot like the cast and crew walking along the edge of a sword in real life -- the show and the plot are peachy unless somebody slips. There is literally no time for error, emergencies, or acts of god. So, let's all hope and pray that the cast and crew get enough sleep and stay hydrated and healthy, considering the toll that this kind of thing must have on their bodies.

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What do you think of this picture? I wouldn't mind seeing more from Rain at work, for sure. As usual, that hair is flawless (I wouldn't be surprised if it had its own agent). And holy cow, check out that skin, and those bright eyes! So, Rain, are you aging backwards, or what?

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Image credit: RAIN-JIHOON @Weibo

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