South Korean entertainer Rain has been the brand ambassador for Mentholatum China's professional skincare line for men since April 2011. According to fresh images posted on social media in China, the deluge is still going strong in malls, stores, subway trains, and on buildings and buses.

Mass transit stations are no exception. It's still Raining hard in there!

Images: niko515's Weibo

The subways where I live in the States are already dull and doggone uninteresting... and then I see these. I am depressed.

Can you imagine walking up on THIS structural column while shopping or trying to catch a train or a bus? (I'd miss that sucker for sure and have to wait for the next one. Sheesh.)

Image: credited as tagged

Recently, Mentholatum China began Rain's fifth year as their brand ambassador by releasing a behind-the-scenes video and first CF of their newest campaign (gotta take care of that T-zone, ya know).

Enjoy it while I start on a l-o-n-g letter to the transit authority in my town. ;) 

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Cover image: Mentholatum China

Watch Rain in My Lovable Girl:

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