You've all heard mellow-voiced crooner Kim Tae Woo's song on the My Lovable Girl OST, right? Before the fact, Rain (a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon) took to his Instagram and his Twitter to share the news of his hyung's guest appearance on the K-drama.

Rain posted a picture of himself, Tae Woo, and his script and said, "A special guest is appearing today... So Yool’s father, keke. Don't miss it ." 

SoYool is the name of Tae Woo’s older daughter. He and his wife have two adorable little girls.

Kim Tae Woo did indeed do a cameo in Episode 8, and he sings medium-tempo pop tune "I Want Only You," which is the love song for characters Hyun Wook (Rain) and Se Na ( Krystal Jung). The official music video has just been released by 1theK (formerly LOEN Music), and it speaks of joy and sadness, the dual elements of love.

The MV starts with Se Na asking ex-songwriter Hyun Wook when he wrote his best material. To which Hyun Wook answers, "When I was in love." Wah, that tugs at my heartstrings!

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What do you think of the MV?

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