After his probation for meeting up with Kim Tae Hee while on army duty, Rain finally shared his feelings about the situation. He said in an interview that he “would even fight at the battlefront but it won’t resolve things either.” He also added that he did his best on the publicity duties that were given to him, but now people think that he’s only been dating while in the army. According to another source, Rain stated that he hopes to be transferred to the battlefront to spend the remaining 7 months of his time in the army. He added that he hopes to be spend the remaining time with common soldiers, instead of being in the publicity department. It was also said that Rain had to write a self-reflection letter, in addition to reading two books recommended by the Ministry of National Defense one of which was The Wolf of the Wall Street, due to this scandal. It seems like even being famous can sometimes be painful. What do you think of Rain's response?   source: