There is good news for Rain, finally!  According to court officials, a Seoul court ordered an Australian entertainment firm to compensate him for unpaid 2007 concert fees. The Australian entertainment firm managed his Australian concert six years ago, then filed a compensation suit against him in March 2012. The claim was that he did not fulfill his end of a contract with the company. The firm had also sued his agency at the time, JYP Entertainment, as well as the local concert promotion group, Well Made Star M, that was responsible for his concert-related deals. Rain made a counterclaim of 280 million won ($265,478) through Well Made Star M, arguing that he did not receive part of his concert fees. The Seoul Central District Court sided with Rain, ordering the Australian firm pay 280 million won to Well Made Star M.  The ruling made by Judge Kang Seong Kuk said: "There is no clear evidence that Rain did not cooperate during the Australian concert." In light of his controversy with the military and the media, the sun finally shines for Rain!