It's a wrap, drama lovers! SBS's hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking, body-swap drama Please Come Back, Mister came to an end last week, which meant only one thing —cast party time. On April 14, the cast and production crew came together for a final celebration, and lead actor Rain (a.k.a. Jung Ji Hoon) presented all 170 people with gifts that keep on giving—Moment Watches.

Each Moment Watch has a true, powerful story behind it to inspire its new owner. In addition, 30% of the sale of these timepieces goes to programs and charities for orphans, child victims of natural disasters, and kids in need all over the world. How awesome is that?

R.A.I.N. Company, Rain's management company, quoted the entertainer as saying during the event, "I truly want to thank all of the staff, the director, the writers, and my fellow actors for their hard work during the past three months. This project was very meaningful to me." Reports say that the last few days of filming required extreme hours and very little sleep for everyone, so a meaningful gift on top of a cast party had to be a sweet reward. Very cool.

Rain was sporting a Superman Moment Watch, which is not surprising, since his most recent album Rain Effect has a dance track called "Superman."  (R to the A to the I, N.)  

In other Rain news, now that Please Come Back, Mister is a wrap, the mega-entertainer is free to jump back into his world concert tour, The Squall. The next stop will be this Saturday the 23rd in Chengdu, China, with Malaysia and Japan coming up in May, and more concert dates to be announced.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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