Park Shin Hye is back with her latest K-drama: Doctor Crush. You can watch it already every Monday and Tuesday on DramaFever. And with a new series to watch and enjoy, I bring something new to recap and review every episode. Allow me to explain. I've named these "Rainbow Recaps" because I've been using different scenes from the episode based on color and put them together in a gifset to resemble a rainbow. At the same time, I'll briefly go back on what happened during the episode and ultimately review what we saw as we wait for the next one. Sounds interesting? Then let's start with Episode 1.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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Episode 1    

 The first episode of Doctor Crush starts in the present, with Yoo Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) as a doctor already, and not any doctor but a badass one. But this temporal line lasts just a bit before we jump thirteen years ago to see Hye Jung was actually a troubled kid, with bad attitude and who lived recklessly.

Per her grandmother's request (although it's misunderstanding at first) Hye Jung's father drops her in this small town. Grandmother wants to be that figure for Hye Jung, a loving and supportive one. She wants to be a family for the girl. But as I said, Hye Jung has an attitude: She doesn't want to go to school, steals without the need to, uses the money she was given on other not necessary things and gets in fights, not to mention she also goes to a club where she is not allowed. She causes trouble yet she is not caught.

Grandmother still worries about her, and trusts her and only wants the best for Hye Jung. Also, in her own way, manages to convince her (although it's more like reverse psychology) so Hye Jung goes to school at least.

Talking about school, Grandmother also rents a room to a teacher, a very popular one in the same school Hye Jung will start attending now. Hong Ji Hong (played by Kim Rae Won) is a former doctor (he was an intern when he left the hospital) who is clearly here to make a difference in Hye Jung's life.

They start with the wrong foot, having arguments and bickering in every opportunity, and at the end he turns out to become her homeroom teacher. Sounds like a lot of trouble, doesn't it?

Hey Jung and her attitude make her always confront the teachers, and Ji Hong isn't the exception. Used to getting beaten by the teachers, she does not expect less from this one. In her eighteen years she thinks she knows all types of teachers already.

The episode ends with Hye Jung ready to receive a beating. Will Ji Hong ultimately give in and use the violence he so much hates?

Now bring the rainbow...







Do you remember all these scenes? They are not in chronological order so let's play memorise on the comments.

About the episode…

I was personally eagerly waiting for Park Shin Hye's comeback K-drama. I am terribly biased when it comes to her and seeing her in a medical drama sounds really interesting. I am gladly surprised her character looks so different: a troubled kid, who was part of a gang and has no trouble beating up gangsters. I really like the look on her face that shows she's tough. I am very interested to see the growth of this character because as we saw at the beginning, she has not softened per se, but she definitely changed from a girl who got transferred from school to school to a doctor. 

Furthermore, I'm really looking forward to the relationship between Hye Jung and Grandmother, although I predict it's going to break my heart at some point and I'll need five boxes of tissues.

The first episode gives us context, allows us to get to know the characters and kind of figure out their roles in the story. Ji Hong looks like a charming and kind male lead, which is always very much appreciated. We get enough of the dominant, possessive and a bit of douche male leads already, don't you think? 

Regarding Ji Hong, I'm also very curious why he left the hospital to become a teacher, what's the trauma behind. The way he stood there in front of the hospital and his tormented expression speaks of bad memories, and I can't wait to find them out.

All in all, the first episode didn't let me down and it made me very curious about how things will evolve until we reach the temporal line we were presented. How about you? Are you hooked on the story already? What are your thoughts? Let's have a discussion on the comments.

With that said, soon I'll bring the next recap.

The selection of scenes and gifs were made by Bel, just a regular fangirl who spends too much time watching K-dramas. If you want to make use of the gifs, please give credit.

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