Having a social life is such an inconvenience for us K-drama addicts. It makes you late to watch the latest episode of your favourite series, hence being late with the recaps. But we are faithful, aren't we? And we manage to squeeze time to watch how the stories continue!

That said, let's recap episode 10 of Doctor Crush.

Episode 10

It starts with our Hye Jung recalling how Ji Hong inspired her to become a better person and then her going after him to comfort him in the best way she can: by being by his side. Later, even Soon Hee helps her to pack some food for Hye Hung to make him feel better. In their conversation they talk about Grandmother and Hye Jung refuses his help. This is something she should do on her own no matter what. Ji Hong seems to accept that but later he still digs into the case and gets the information to contact the chief doctor Hye Jung already visited. It seems he doesn't understand when he isn't needed even if he's told so.

Regarding Ji Hong's father surgery, Director Hong seems to be at ease with it and has made the decision to retire after it. Ji Hong is far from calm or relaxed about all, but he still wants to do his best to take care of him after the surgery. After that, when he's on his way out, he spots Yoon Do and Hye Jung. He's being kind to her and it's evident the two get along better now, but Hye Jung always chooses Ji Hong over Yoon Do. However, this time the younger doctor reminds her they need to check on Director Hong and she leaves with him. 

With Director Hong Yoon Do only feels more at disadvantage because it's clear Director Hong loves the idea of her and his son together and they get along famously. Director Hong trusts them and they can take the samples. 

Seo Woo's family are still being nasty and now they know about Director Hong's in the hospital, which means he doesn't trust them anymore. They are being watched, suspected; that's their conclusion when they think why they have been told about the relapse. In fact, it's because of it but both Tae Ho and Ji Hong know they can't keep it secret, it'll cause trouble so they share the information. Now both nasty men can act like they worry. It's most unpleasant.

And talking about unpleasant family, Seo Woo is with the attitude "being nice doesn't give me anything" so she's being ew. What if I change her name dot Seo Ew Woo? Anyhow, she finds out about the car that Hye Jung received and that Kang Soo crashed, which is actually technically considered a bribe. She says she'll take care of it, and by that she means rat Hye Jung out about receiving this bribe. Ew. 

Old nasty Sung Jong goes to visit Director Hong and acts all concerned and hurt by not knowing. Yada yada. Director Hong however makes him know he is aware of Sung Jong's doing and this won't stay like this.

Yoon Do finally has lunch with Hye Jung but it doesn't go well, she rejects him in the most honest and direct way and he tries to take it the best he can, keeping most of his pride. She admits that she doesn't believe in love but if she is to love someone one day then it'd be Ji Hong.

Talking about Hye Jung, she's asked to go to internal affairs about the bribe situation. She explains she has a car already and doesn't need a new one, but she couldn't return it to Gangster Boss as there was no way to get in touch with him. It honestly doesn't seem that bad of an issue but Seo Woo puts pressure to go through all the ordeal so Hye Jung will have to face a committee meeting that will evaluate her case and, worst case scenario, she might lose her job. 

Director Hong is preparing for the surgery and asks, if things go wrong, not to be revived and both him and his guardian have to sign it. Obviously, this tastes like poison for Ji Hong but there isn't much he can do. 

Sung Jong barely manages to get some of the evidence against them in exchange of giving his son Myung Hoon up and Myung Hoon is the nastier, hoping Director Hong will die during the operation so they won't lose anything.

After that is just preparation for the surgery, and everyone looks in good spirits. Both Yoon Do and Hye Jung work hard, enduring the pressure and the slightest complication. Thanks to that, the procedure goes well and Director Hong is safe for now. With that done, they can relax. Hye Jung goes to visit the interns because Soon Hee asked for help with Young Kook and Hye Jung tries her best. It doesn't work that well because the ones that end up going to the café are Kang Soo and Jong Dae (who seems to have a crush on our Soon Hee).

Between Yoon Do and Seo Woo things are awkward, she is really acting nasty and pretty much too annoying to bear. Tae Hoo and Ji Hong find out about the situation with the committee Hye Jung is in now and both try to help her being part of it when they evaluate her case. Later Yoon Do finds out, too. When he comes and meets Ji Hong they talk about that, he also confesses he was already rejected. Ji Hong shares he knew it because he knows Hye Jung and even after all this time they are barely on the flirtatious stage. It's funny how Yoon Do is so marvelled he's at that stage, like it's the most amazing thing.

Ji Hong meets with the doctor, trying to get information but this one doesn't budge. Regardless, he calls Myung Hoon to tell him of Ji Hong's involvement which makes it harder. The old man still doesn't figure it out and is too relaxed about it, thinking he's untouchable after what happened, at best he's confused.

The next day Hye Jung also visits the doctor who is clearly annoyed with all this. He tells her about Ji Hong's involvement now and although both deny being in this together, they do it differently which only shows they at least know about this and are somewhat involved. 

This makes Hye Jung mad who goes to confront Ji Hong, furious that he got involved nonetheless and that their relationship is so unfair. He doesn't share his burdens with her but doesn't let her take care of hers alone. The episode ends with her telling him that she doesn't want that unfair and unbalanced type of relationship.

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

I'm really glad the surgery seems to have gone well and that's safe. I'm glad, as well, Director Hong isn't just taking those other nasty men's crap. I trust Director Hong, he's a good man and strong. I just want Sung Jong and Myung Hoon to get what they deserve and more. But really, I'm so done with the Jin family. I want them all out of the hospital. It's making it hard for me to stomach them every time they show up on the screen.

I know Ji Hong has the best intentions at heart and he just wants to help Hye Jung, but I feel he also treats her as if she's incapable of doing anything on her own and needs him. She doesn't, she is more than capable on her own. Sure, it's nice to have help but if she doesn't want that help, then it's just burdensome and overbearing of him to force himself into matters he's not needed in. Instead of doing things behind her back, he should just give her support. There's nothing bad in wanting to do things alone, she's not a damsel in distress that needs of the knight in the shiny armour. Honestly, I'd be as angry as her if not more and I'm so, so glad she reacted like that and told him things straight and clear. It's not fair to have that kind of dynamic and it would create a co-depency that is just unhealthy. One thing is to be there for each other, the other not knowing when to butt out. I know he thinks she should receive help because she isn't alone anymore, but there's a limit for that and he went way over it. But it's refreshing and empowering that she gets angry and draws the lines, that she doesn't let these things slide just because "he did it for her".

We all know I have a weak spot for Yoon Do, but I'm glad how it turned out. Like, his rejection didn't hurt and I guess it's because we all know he just has a crush on her, he isn't in love or anything. I hope it stays like that, just a bit of tension but not the painful type of second lead, you know what I mean?

I think those were the most memorable points in the episode for me. How are you enjoying the K-drama so far? Do you think Hye Jung is overreacting or do you think she's in her right to get mad? Let's share our thoughts.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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