Episode 11 of Doctor Crush is out and with it came a big change and more development for the relationship of the leads. Let's see what happened and what the rainbow brings this time.

Episode 11

      After that argument, Hye Jung walks away, regal and resolute. Ji Hong goes after her but then she receives a call and ignores him, so he accepts defeat (surprisingly). Director Jin calls her without recognising it's Hye Jung, he just knows it's someone related to Grandmother, his case of negligence. Hye Jung makes sure to let him know she knows exactly who he is.

In Joo is back! And the hospital is really busy again. A case comes in which a wife falls from the stairs and the husband is just out of his mind, begging for help and not wanting to leave her side. Through the episode he continues showing such devotion he earns the adoration from the female nurses and some doctors there.

Director Hong is doing well and Ji Hong has lovely father-son time with him. They get really emotional and my heart is moved. I'm glad Director Hong looks okay, cheerful even when Hye Jung comes to see him and later In Joo. Hye Jung acts really awkward around her and doesn't stay around much.

they'll have to operate on the new patient, and because not only her brain suffered damage but also her liver, In Joo will also be part of the process taking over once Ji Hong and Hye Jung finish their work. And while this happens, we get the first glimpse that the husband is a obsessive psychopath. He changes when he's alone with his wife, telling her there's now she can't escape from him. My eyes can't get any wider right now.

The surgery goes well, but the mood between Ji Hong and Hye Jung is tense, In Joo keeps asking if they are dating but no one answers. She's almost sure they are and she's right, they kind of are. This is a love quarrel after all. 

Both Grandfather and Father Jin continue plotting how not to lose all they've done and fight against Director Hong. They go visit the man and try to act like they care but honestly, no one buys it and Jin Myung Hoon looks sulking the whole time. Pathetic. Director Hong shares with Ji Hong the plans of those other two but asks him not to get involved anyway.

Myung Hoon calls Seo Woo and scolds her for the disciplinary call she basically forced for Hye Jung. He tells her to be friendly and more like Hye Jung and I find it so ironic I just love it. I love that her pathetic and childish acts come back to bite her in the bum and I love that Myung Hoon is so blind and doesn't realise the one after him for the negligence is the very doctor he so much praises. anyhow, at least he does something good and gets the disciplinary action withdrawn so Hye Jung is out of trouble.

In trouble is the new patient who is now in a lock-in state. She's aware and conscious but she has no motor functions, which means she's prisoner of her own body and she can't even give away her husband is crazy, and the man is actually delighted with the situation. Sick man.

Hye Jung talks to Ji Hong again and basically asks him to change if they want to be together. On the other hand, Yoon Do doesn't seem to be taking the rejection as well as I thought. He calls Hye Jung and basically insinuates he will still pursue her if he sees the chance because he's an idiot like that. Poor puppy, I don't want him to be in pain later on.

The husband keeps getting recognition in the hospital, but he terrorises his wife who can't say anything and it's making me so anxious.

The golden trio of Pa Ran, In Joo and Ji Hong go drinking while Grandfather Jin goes in Director Hoon's office to get the evidence and he's angry, he goes to Director Hong's room to yell at him and threaten them to go after Ji Hong. All pretence is gone now and the war has begun between them. Director Hong wants his son out of this and he tries to go after Sung Jong but the man doesn't turn around and then something goes wrong with Director Hong. He collapses and no one is around to help him.

Ji Hong receives an emergency call and when he arrives, Director Hong is almost gone. Hye Jung and Yoon Do can't do anything because the director signed the do not revive me agreement but Ji Hong doesn't care, neither does Tae Ho who bring the defibrillator to try to save Director Hong.

It's futile. 

No matter how much Ji Hong and Tae Ho try, they can't save him, and Ji Hong loses his father, once again in his life. His cries and tears break everyone's heart.

Now bring the rainbow!







About the episode:

     I can't believe Director Hong died! I feel so bad for Ji Hong because he's gone through this once and now he has to say goodbye to his father again. That's just too unfair. And the big problem is that Hye Jung isn't good at comforting and they are in such rocky territory I don't know if she'll be able to be the support he'll need right now.

If anything, this episode only made me hate the Jin family even more. Seriously, I didn't think it was possibly but I was proved wrong. I despise them with all I have and that old man… aish, I can't believe he just left Director Hong like that!

I'm wary of the future of the hospital without Director Hong. It's going to be the other two's playground now and that means ew. That really sums up my feelings towards them. I don't look forward how they will continue messing things up.

Okay… let's talk about good things: our leads. Kind of good things. I'm glad they aren't just brushing this difference and that it's a problem before they properly start dating. They need to solve this if they want to be together and I think it's really good they are dealing with it. I wish them both good luck and that they can find the middle ground they need. I don't think Ji Hong is the only one who needs to change, so I guess they still need more work there.

Episode 12 is out so you can watch it already. I'll bring the rainbow for that soon.


Doctor Crush

Starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

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